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DSkinLite GUI Library V3.7 New


        DSkinLite is a powerful library to help you develop the user interface program. It uses xml files to describe the look and feel of the control and you can make fancy user interface easily.
       DSkinLite doesn't install a hook procedure that monitors messages hook, and it just replaces the window procedure like the framework mfc or atl, and processes some messages such as WM_PAINT, WM_ERASEBKGND. So DSkinlite is a "lite" library. It focuses on efficiency and practicality, and it will keep "lite".     More about DSkinLite...

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DSkinControl ( For MFC)


       DSkinControl (For MFC) is a MFC extended control library, which uses DSkinLite to draw the control UI. According to our long-term experience of the development of Windows client software product, windows standard control is not enough. We used to extend the Win32 control to meet the UI needs. Thus, UIEASY UI library development team collects these requirements from our development experience and client feedbacks and has launched DSkinControl control library. DSkinControl is developed based on MFC and it utilizes DSkinLite to beautify the UI.    More about DSkinControl...

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ekRichEdit ( RichEdit extended control )


       ekRichEdit is a RichEdit extended control. It is extended from Microsoft RichEdit control to realize displaying picture animation, text, hyper link, etc. It is used to meet the requirements of rich text control by the Windows client software. In the meantime, we encapsulate classes to meet the requirements of IM type chat windows. It should satisfy the basic needs of an IM type software. ekRichEdit extended control also some extend classes to support some features in the chat windows, besides the basic RichEdit extension.       More about ekRichEdit...

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DirectUI GUI Library V1.2


         DirectUI is a gui library like "DirectUIHWND" used in Windows XP and MSN Messager. It uses xml and script to construct ui. The DirectUI doesn't make use of the native Win32 controls except some complicated control such as edit, listctrl. Instead, It draws controls and widgets on the parent window dc. It uses xml to layout the controls of dialog, and uses script(vbscript, jscript, lua) to provide flow control and object manipulation features that are not available in xml. It is a "mini" version of Adobe flex , Microsoft WPF or Mozilla XUL.    
  More about DirectUI...

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